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Channel Letters
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Atlanta Channel Letters


Channel letters and dimensional signage stand out as top choices for architectural branding, providing unparalleled personalization options that align with individual design preferences and brand guidelines.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Whether you prefer an attention-grabbing illuminated display, the sophistication of flat dimensional letters, or a fully custom sign, our experienced team ensures your unique ideas are realized.

As your neighborhood sign company in Atlanta, GA, we take pride in delivering expert business signage that not only exceeds expectations but also adheres to budget constraints. Our commitment to excellence is matched by our speedy and effective service, maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship.

Enhance your brand presence with our signage solutions, designed to draw attention and create a lasting impression, regardless of your company’s size. Partner with us to experience the transformative impact of our proficiency and commitment on your enterprise.

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Storefront Channel Letters

The ever-popular Atlanta channel letter sign is at the top of our list of requests for storefront signs.

Custom Channel Letter SignWhether it’s a raceway sign or a seamless flush mount onto your building facade, these three-dimensional marvels are carefully created by shaping individual metal componentsโ€”letters, numbers, symbols, or custom imageryโ€”into a seamless ensemble and precisely affixed onto a sturdy backing frame. The channels are skillfully covered in a durable acrylic shell that comes in various colors and transparency levels to create a genuinely customized look.

Using this adaptable signage solution helps create a visual identity that speaks louder than just your company name or slogan. The options are as creative as your imagination, from adding your logo to playing around with a variety of color schemes, fonts, sizes, and styles. Additionally, our designers can hand-form channels, allowing for the incorporation of complex graphics or custom fonts, guaranteeing that your sign is unique.

Channel letter signs are popular across various industries, adorning the exteriors of retail stores, corporate offices, busy shopping centers, grocery stores, industrial complexes, schools, churches, and many other types of establishments. Their enduring allure and striking presence act as beacons, inviting both patrons and visitors to explore the wonders within.

Dimensional Letters

When it comes to signage, dimensional letter signs and channel letter signs share the need for meticulous craftsmanship, yet their construction methods highlight subtle differences.

Storefront Sign

Dimensional letters are precision-cut from solid sheets of materials such as acrylic or metal, with an internal void for illumination. Unlike channel letters, dimensional letters offer a range of choices in terms of size, style, font, and material thickness. This versatility allows you to exercise complete control over your sign’s appearance, achieving anything from a smooth flatness to a substantial depth of several inches.

At Avisos Architectural Signage, our expertise extends beyond creating visually appealing dimensional letter signs that seamlessly align with your brand. These resilient and attractive signs serve as enduring brand ambassadors, suitable for various settings such as restaurants, shops, offices, shopping centers, manufacturing plants, and upscale interior or lobby spaces.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

The integration of LED backlighting in channel letter signs represents a groundbreaking advancement in business signage, significantly enhancing brand visibility. This innovative feature ensures constant visibility, even in low light or adverse weather conditions, making it effective at attracting potential customers regardless of the time of day or weather.

Lighted Sign

At our establishment, we meticulously execute the entire process, including the safe installation of the sign, integration of electrical components, and comprehensive cleanup.

For businesses operating late hours or on weekends, a backlit channel letter sign can be instrumental in capturing a diverse customer base. These lights are suitable for illuminating the exteriors of various establishments such as nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, comedy clubs, convenience stores, or gas stations. They serve as effective markers for your business presence, not limited to nocturnal enterprises but applicable to any company seeking to stand out.

A backlit Atlanta channel letter sign allows your brand to shine brightly, becoming a beacon of distinction within your industry. Partner with us to ensure your signage radiates as brightly as your business goals.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Atlanta Channel Letters avisos graphics logo 1 300x174At Avisos Architectural Signage, we are dedicated to delivering not only quick turnaround times but also top-quality products crafted with expertise and care. Our seasoned team of experts is ready to provide unwavering support and guidance every step of the way.

You don’t need to search far if you’re looking for a signage partner who is committed to making your Atlanta channel letters building a long-term relationship and sticking by your side as your company grows. As your dependable local ally, Avisos Architectural Signage is ready to support you as you pursue success.

Call Avisos Architectural Signage today at (404) 537-1991 for your Free Consultation with an Atlanta Channel Letter Sign expert!